18 April 2016

ducky duck duck

R E S E T || that duck life

Hi team, it's been a while. I have been seriously lacking in this bloggy-business but rest assured I have built up all that suspense for a magnificent post, all about… ducks. That's right, see picture above if you can't remember what one looks like. "But Cathia, why haven't you posted anything for a month and where have you been?!" I hear you all cry [maybe]. Well my friends, I have been busy taking pictures of ducks and doing other fun life activities of a similar nature. I also lost my camera cable which has resulted in lazy-blogging-habits-failure. Excuses aside [e.g. the ducks ate my homework], if you want to know why I am sharing nice pictures of ducks with you, please, read on.

Spring has officially sprung and the other weekend I was in St James' Park with my good pal Ash and had some time to kill, when I noticed… DUCKS!

So off I went and took about a hundred pictures of ducks all up close and personal, up in their business with no respect for their personal space whatsoever. I didn't even have any bread as a peace offering.

So why the fascination with ducks? 

Aside from the fact that they are are pretty chill creatures, reason one is that "duck" was apparently my first word (I clearly wanted my nature loving side to be known from the outset).

Reason two, is that over the years I realised pops kind of has a thing about ducks - that sounds bit odd, reading it out loud - but essentially, the house I grew up in was subtly decorated with duck related ornaments (nothing stuffed, just wooden or pictures).

So basically, ducks have a particularly interesting role in my life. When I see a duck, I get excited and want to throw bread at them (if I'm not up in their faces taking pictures). 

The only time our relationship gets a bit awkward is when I opt for a Chinese meal, because as much as I love alive-ducks, roast-duck is one of my favourite dishes - constantly resulting in guilt-eating-dilemmas.

Still, #ducks4life